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Paul Erickson

Paul Erickson

Principal Engineer III

Mr. Erickson joined Roberson and Associates in August of 2015 and has 42 years of industry experience.  He is an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Senior Member. Since joining Roberson and Associates, he has consulted on improvements to the reliability of the E911 operations of a major telecommunications provider, on unlicensed coexistence of a proposed service, and on coexistence issues associated with the Advanced Wireless Services (AWS)-3 band.

Previously, Mr. Erickson was a Fellow of the Technical Staff with Motorola Solutions for 40 years and had a wide range of responsibilities with research, numerous product groups, and was the lead architect for developing multiple system technologies.

Mr. Erickson earned many awards, including Dan Noble Fellow, and two of his 31 patents earned a business Patent of the Year for improving simulcast systems and Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN/Nextel). His wide-ranging interests and experience include radio frequency (RF) systems, antenna, propagation Microwave, Internet Protocol (IP) networks, timing distribution via Global Positioning System (GPS) and Internet, analytic and numeric modeling, circuit design, filter design, RF circuit design, signal analysis, signal processing, digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms, performance analysis, and requirements management. He was Patent Committee Chairman and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) analyst, Electronic Industries Association (EIA) Chairman for the Transceiver Specification Work Group, Member of the Microwave Multiplex Work Group, and various cellular and dispatch network technologies. He is most widely known for his work on the iDEN (Nextel) system.

Mr. Erickson earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Maters of Science in Electrical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology.