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William Meitzler

William Meitzler

Principal Engineer I

Mr. Meitzler joined Roberson and Associates in July, 2015. He has 38 years of extensive experience in the Physical Layer design and development of radio systems. His experience includes radio frequency (RF) circuits (filters, amplifiers, and synthesizers), waveguide circuits, antennas ((satellite, analog telephone adapter (ATA), embedded, and painted)), indoor and outdoor propagation studies, and noise/inter-modulation(IM)/electromagnetic energy (EMC) analysis. He has experience in product design in direct current (DC) to 40 GHz, product research, 3D simulations, indoor and outdoor field tests, and computer modeling.

Prior to joining Roberson and Associates, Mr. Meitzler worked at Motorola in the Land Mobile, PCS, Microwave, Cellular, Mobility, and Motorola Labs. He also worked at Illinois Tool Works (ITW) in the Technology Center and was a consultant for AirCell (Base Site Antennas), ITW (Printed Electronics), and D&SCI (Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia Tetra Radio System). As a co-op, he worked in the antenna lab of Communications Satellite Corporation. He developed many radiation circuits in many types of anechoic chambers and is familiar with radiated testing and phantom ((Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) and Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)) use. He has three issued patents and one trade secret.

Mr. Meitzler developed radio frequency (RF) devices for cattle tags, automotive sensing, welding Iron Man helmet technology, in-building RF communication to/from arc welding robots, and airline Wi-Fi links. He has been privileged to work with highly-trained international mentors and scientists while purchasing and enjoying state-of-the-art test equipment and software.

Mr. Meitzler earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering cum laude from Virginia Tech, a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where he was an Andrew Corp. Research Assistant, and post Master of Science in Electrical Engineering classes from Illinois Institute of Technology.